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Mountain Swoops
  Current team members of are:

Mike Kleist (

Mike is the webmaster of
Professional skydiver and partner of Human Flight Images
For a skydive cv check here.

Organizer of all reservations through - especially organizing trips from Germany.

Tourguide, testpilot, cameraflyer and chief photographer for


Elliot Clarke (

Elliot is the manager of Skydive Switzerland and the main organizer for all Mountain Swoop tours.

He is chief tourguide, cameraflyer and testpilot for most of the locations.


Peter is owner of Scenic Air and Skydive Switzerland. He is chief pilot for all flights especially glacier landings.

Further he is a skydiver and mountain swooper and therefore often tempted to leave the airplane:)


Mark Harris (

Mark is professional skydiver and world class wingsuit-pilot. On the Eiger he picked the wingsuit as his weapon of choice.

He is main contact for all UK-skydivers and is organizing trips from England.

Cameraflyer and photographer for