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Mountain Swoops

Mountain Swoops - Niesen

  The Niesen is located in Reichenbach opposite of the dropzone. Therefore you can enjoy the beautiful scenery here at Skydive Switzerland. You will be flying over the lake Thun and see Interlaken between the two lakes.  
photo by Mike Kleist      

Then it's time to attack the gate on top of the Niesen at 8.000 ft (2362m) before you carve down either the left or the right hand side of the ridge.

    photo by Mike Kleist  
  Pick your track! You can fly through natural canyons...  
photo by Mark Harris      
...and above or below treetops...    
    photo by Mark Harris see the trees from a different angle.  
photo by Mike Kleist      
After the ride close to the mountain it's time to peel off for a save landing at the bottom of the Niesen, where the pickup bus is waiting.    
    photo by Mike Kleist  


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