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Mountain Swoops

Mountain Swoops - Eiger

  Enjoy the moments before the action with a flyby over the beautiful Jungfraujoch - a triple setup of the famous mountains Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.  
photo by Mike Kleist      
Then it's time to attack the peak of the Eiger at 13.000 ft (3970m) above sealevel and let the ride begin.
    photo by Mike Kleist  

This is what we call Mountain Swooping!
You will be speeding down over high altitude snowfields...

photo by Mike Kleist      
...find your path through natural gates...
    photo by Mike Kleist  
  ...and swoop the "mushroom" rock formation, well known among BASE-jumpers. Once you flew down the north-west-ridge of the Eiger you will rather go mountain swooping than basejumping.  
photo by Mike Kleist      

You will be landing on the "Kleine Scheidegg" at the bottom of the Eiger, like the mountain swooping-pioneers Mike Kleist and Elliot Clarke (and Andy Gerber taking the picture).

A unique experience you will never forget!

    photo by Andy Gerber  


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